Free-Music FRIDAY! DO WORK!!



If you have heard of, or have seen, or have followed, @gymbooty on Twitter or Instagram, you may think … UGH! #creeplife.

Why? Because, it’s ALL pix of sexy women in the gym…


Anywho, for even MORE Motivation, the lovely people behind the beautiful behinds of GymBooty, put out a DOPE workout CD, so aptly titled DO WORK!

(*You can download the ZipFile HERE)

It’s that Mean-Mug-wearing, HeadNod Music to get the body MOVING while you get in BEASTMODE! Hip Hop, EDM, and MY FAVE song when I’m DEEP into some filthy tension on the Spin bike: 300 Violins !! (*not well known, but KILLER instrumental!)

The songs aren’t “New” – not that everyday Top40 kinda Playlist (*WARNING: THE VOCALS ARE EXPLICIT) But, I would DEF recommend this for a HEAVY day!!

Play it LOUD, with BIG headphones so when the Fakers at the gym see you coming, they know you mean BUSINESS!!


xo – Mia

3rd Day of Fitmas

Day 3 ~ I hope you’ve been recording your results!

On the Third Day of Fitmas my TRAINER gave to ME:

  • 3x MaxDips
  • 2x Max PushUps
  • 1mile at my fastest pace

2nd Day of Fitmas

Short but Sweet >>>


On the Second Day of Fitmas my TRAINER gave to ME:

  • 2x MAX PushUps > Max = until you lose a good rhythm/cant press up
  • 1 mile at my fastest pace

Don’t forget to record your progress!!

xo – Mia


12 days of FITMAS!!


It’s December… so you know what that means… THE FITMAS SEASON IS UPON US!! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Festivus or just don’t subscribe to Holiday cheer & gift giving at all (Bah Humbug to YOU!) … Why wait until January 1st to make tired “resolutions”? (*How many of you HONESTLY stick with them past MARCH? … that’s what I thought!)

Begin a rebellion against your BAD HABITS with a Fitness REVOLUTION!!

With that in mind, I present to y’all my  “TWELVE DAYS OF FITMAS” Challenge!!

Yes, it’s applicable for everyone (BUT be advised: it is INTENSE!) Since, i’s based off of YOUR best efforts, so it’s doable by ANYONE! The Challenge STACKS, just like the 12 days of Christmas song… day 1 is easy, day 12 is a Big’un! You can do the challenge AS your workout, for those just starting into fitness OR you can add it as an aside to what you would normally do.

HERE WE GO!! >> On the First Day of Fitmas my TRAINER gave to ME:

– 1mile at my fastest pace.Santa treadmill

Through the first 11days, you have the option of doing it Stacked by Rounds (i.e. 1 round of EACH, until the entire workout is complete) OR Knock off each challenge item one by one (i.e. All rounds of one, and so on & so on) & I recommend no more than 30sec  recovery between rounds, no more than 2mins rest between items, to keep the challenge level up.

The LAST DAY should take 30-45MAX, and the length of time will depend on your
speed in the mile & how fast your pace is for the plyo components.

Are you up for the 12 DAYS OF FITMAS CHALLENGE!? Record your daily results
& you can send them to me via EMAIL


xo – Mia

Workout Wednesday… on Thursday… Part 2

Okie doke… here are the videos of a few of the exercises I did yesterday!

I did Core and Cardio in the a.m after my first set of clients & floor shift. And as the BIG BOY, it was my Leg-sculpting day – so the first two vids are leg building, shaping moves!

The workout started Nice and simple 4 sets of 25rep Leg press (hip sled), superset with 15 reps, per leg, of shot gun squats.

Lateral Lunge to Curtsey Lunge SUPERSET with Squat Jump Kickouts

Here are a couple stills from the videos…

Lateral (side) Lunge

into a

Curtsey (cross over) Lunge

We Superset the Lateral Lunge to Curtsey Lunge (15reps, of each, per leg) with 20 squat jump kickouts, for 4 sets.

Barbell Weighted Hip Raise (Hip Thrust)

Weighted Hip Thrust

We Superset the Hip thrusts (15reps) with Reverse Hyperflexions

20 with Adduction (*heels snap together) & and 20 with Abduction (*heels kick apart)

for 4 sets.

EN: I’m special needs at times, and aside from what I had posted on Instagram, I deleted the original two pics from my iPhone… Sigh… Yesterday was mentally challenging…

When I took my car in to the shop, my training partner / army buddy came to “rescue” me. In return for him picking me up, I had to go do shoulders with him, as “pay back”.  I’m OKAY with THAT!!

Here is one of the moves we finished with.

Animal Pulls 

Anterior Cable raise in Plank Position

This move (12 per arm), was Superset with 45lb Plate shrugs (25reps), for 4 sets.

Enjoy the Vids! And try them if you like – let me know how they go!
xo – Mia

Workout Wednesday :: Alis Volat Propriis


It’s My Mantra (my tattoo) & the inspiration behind this Scorching Arm workout!

Ladies: You planning to rock that Strapless number to the club anytime soon?

Fellas: Want to bring CANNONS to the Gun Show?

3 Quick Tips to remember

1. There is NO such thing as SPOT toning or SPOT weight-loss. To tone a muscle you need to lose fat! This is the biggie to keep in mind. Arm toning is not possible without losing fat. And, sadly, it is not possible to lose fat off of ONLY your arms. This means that if you want to tone your ARMS you need to start with CLEAN FOOD INTAKE & CARDIO, in order to lose fat from the WHOLE BODY.

2. You WILL need to lift Weights! < LADIES, YOU TOO! Gasp! Sputter! “Oh no, I thought this was only TONING, I dont want to BULK UP” For this mindstate you deserve a *BIG STINGING SLAP* 2 things you MUST commit to memeory
a. MUSCLE BURNS FAT BETTER THAN FAT! < Floopy ropey un-muscles are no contest to actual muscle in keeping the body metabolizing its own fat as a fuel source! b. Girls do NOT have enough testosterone to READILY stack muscle fibers and add mass. (*without a LOT of “help”) TRUST ME! It’s VERY hard to add even 1″ of mass on your arms (it took me 9 GRUELLING months!)

3. To EFFECTIVELY Recruit new muscle fiber cells, you must CHALLENGE your muscles.  i.e you need to go HAM (Heavy As aMutha) well… as HAM as you can! LOL! Also, By recruiting new muscle fibers, you avoid Bat-wing & arm cellulite (*eeeewwwww)

ALLATHAT being said…what does it mean? SIMPLY > YOU NEED WEIGHTS!!

This workout is all Free-Weight based.

Ladies you CAN & should pick a challenging weight (*your purse is 10 pounds, don’t tell me you can only curl 4-5 pounds) you’re aiming for 15-20 reps.
Gents choose a weight where you can get 10-15 SOLID reps (*Form is KING) shoot for 10-15 reps.

EN – with men having T+ hormone, they don’t need to hit as many reps to feel the deep burn in the muscle bellies, and they will in most cases, lift heavier. Therefore, to keep proper form, stick to the lower rep range. (*My IRON MAIDENS, don’t hate me! I know WE stay out-Beastin’ most of these dudes out there, but I’m talking Gen-Pop, genetic stats – No disrespect, to anyone!)

Here’s a Quick and Effective 30min INTENSE Arms Circuit to burn calories & make those muscles WORK! You CAN do the Circuit 3x!! YES.YOU.CAN !!
*It should take between 8-10mins per round depending on the rest you take (*30-60sec b/w each move)

1. Barbell Curl- Feet shoulder width apart – Hold barbell about shoulder width apart. – Keep elbows in a neutral, but fixed, position by your side – Using your biceps, lift the weight up to the top of your chest. – Lower it slowly & without moving your elbows

2. Close Grip Barbell Bench Press(Laying on a bench) – Use a manageable, but challenging, weight. – Grasp barbell a bit narrower than shoulder width, unrack the bar and with a tight core, bring it down to your mid-torso (around the diaphragm region). – Push the weight up using your triceps and lower it to the same position. – Just before it reaches your chest fire it up in the pushing direction again before it gets a chance to rest on your body. (This prevents your chest from taking over with the weight lifting.)

3. Facing Palms Chin-Up (*yes, you can put ONE foot on a chair) – Grasp the Pull-up bar at shoulder width. – Allow the arms to be at full extension – Pull the body upward, contracting the Biceps, as well as the latissimus dorsi (*those wings behind your armpits)

4. Dumbell Reverse Grip Bicep curl to Shoulder Press – Holding two dumb bells resting on your thighs, standing feet shoulder width apart. – Start with palms facing your thighs. – Using the Biceps, curl the weight upward to the chest, palms are facing out. – Push the dumb bells from the chest over your head, Pressing with the shoulders, until arms are extended – Lower slowly until the elbows are back to 90degrees, and then back down to thighs.

5. Wide Position Push-Ups (*yes, if you MUST, you can do them on your knees) – Start with your body in Plank position, move your hands outside of shoulder width, in-line with your armpits. – Hold the core, and lower the body down slowly & controlled, making sure to keep the shoulders/hips/heels in a strong, straight line. – When your elbows reach 90degrees Push upward through the palms to return to plank position (*you can lower your chest to the floor, if you’re able to)

6. Tricep Supination Kick backs – Take a manageable dumb bell in one hand. Place the other hand and knee on a low flat bench. – Keeping your back straight lift your elbow so that your upper arm is in line with your torso, and your thumb is facing forward. – Slowly contract the triceps, extending the arm & lift the dumb bell until the arm is almost straight. – As you extend rotate the thumb so its facing your hip, or upward (*will depend on the weight & your flexibility) – Rotate back while lowering, controlled

7. 2-angle Flyes (Upright & Bent Over) – Holding 2 dumb bells at your sides, palms in; feet shoulder width apart. – Keeping the core tight, lift the arms outward & upward until the back of the palms reach the height of your shoulder caps (*deltoids) – Lower slowly. As the dumb bells reach your sides, bend the knees slightly. – Hingeing at the hips, keeping the back straight & the core tight, lift the arms out & upward again, until you reach level with your shoulder blades (*scapulae) – Lower slowly & Stand upright

8. Forward Supination V-Raises – Hold a dumbbell in each hand and stand with your feet shoulder width apart, arms at your sides. – Starting with the palms facing in. – With arms straight but not locked, raise the weights diagonally in front of you, so that your arms form a V shape – Lift until your arms are parallel to the floor, supinating (*rotating) the forearms, until the thumbs face in, palms face downward. – Rotate back until palms face in again, and lower slowly back to thighs.

Now on the count of THREE, everyone front-double-bi flex, ready? 1…2…3… FLEXIN’

xo – Mia

(ps – If you absolutely don’t have access to a gym or equipment, you can email me for some additional options –

Workout Wednesday :: Say it witcho CHEST!!!

Hey BodyMorphers,

Just a quick Chest Workout “playlist”, since people asked me about it after last weds’ video post.

I don’t have a “standard workout” for chest, per se (*for anything, actually) but I have some go-to’s that I do, because they WORK.

As a preface: unless I’m in a heavy cycle, or doing a specifically Strength-Based workout, I tend to swap a flat Barbell bench press for either Dumbbell Bench press, or Incline BB press (& I typically accompany those with either decline pushups, or a plyometric pushup option).

My chest workout, for this 3-week portion of this leaning cycle, is as follows.

  • 4x (15rep/95,105,115,135#) Flat BB bench press + (20) pop&hop plyo push-ups (plate)
  • 4x (12rep/20,25,30,35#) Cable decline flyes + (16) butterfly-diamond plyo push-ups (plate)*
  • 3x (15rep/15,20,25#) Incline DB press + (20) Over & Back stagger push-ups (25# DB)
  • 3x (15rep/85,95,105#) squat hold** Pec Deck + (25) Military push-Ups

*FYI – Progression: Try it first “stepping” in from butterfly to diamond hand positions, and then try the plyo version but without the plates (use tape on the floor) until you can confidently leave the ground.

**For the “squat hold” just put the seat to the lowest possible and don’t use it. Hold a “wall squat” against the chest/back pad.

I usually follow chest with either Triceps or Delts, depending on Time available & where in my cycle I am.

If you try it out, let me know what you think!

xo – Mia
Note to Self: One day, I must figure out that elusive little bugger called “editting”

Motivation (Music) Monday

What’s the ONE THING you just can’t workout WITHOUT?
**Besides Water, Gym Shoes, and a workout plan… MUSIC OF COURSE!

Here is some of what I currently have in Rotation to help me throw my weight(s) around!

When I lift HEAVY, I love Gritty (*aka: Rachet, Trap, Angry, Thuggish) HipHop with a great beat. A bass line you can BEAST too. Make-me-wanna-strut-with-a-mean-MUG kind of Music! Those tracks that make you want to flip a bench over and RAGE.
Currently Including :: 2Chainz – RickRoss – LilWayne – Drake – FrenchMontana – Future – E40 – PushaT – Gucci :: Check out THIS MIXTAPE by DJ Brucki

For Cardio, theres NOTHING like SOCA (and Dancehall). Music with a pace, that I can just vibe into and forget I’m trapped on a stairmill / treadmill / Spinning bike for an hour.
Some of my Faves :: MachelMontano – Destra – LilBits – Swappi – Vybz Kartel – LadySaw – Bunji Garlin – Benjai :: Check out THIS MIXTAPE By: DJ Crown Prince

When I’m in SHRED mode – we’re talking heavy bag work, tire throws, burpees, bear crawls, med ball work, I definitely depend on HIGH RPM during my Circuit work. EDM, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and “Dance Remixes” to top40s. The rhythm takes you over and the minutes of your circuit stations seem to fly by!
A few of My go-to’s :: Diplo – SwedishHouseMafia – Benny Boom – Aviici – DeadMa5 :: Check out THIS MIXTAPE By: DJ Private Ryan

Outside of the gym, I have my Uplift Top-5. You know those days, when your mind is **BLAH** and you just need to hear YOUR SONG to pick you up from the funk?  This week, the Top-5 is

Some Nights – Fun
Wine Up Stink – Problem Child
Pop That (don’t Stop) – French Montana ft. Drake, Rick Ross
Express Yourself – Diplo
Ai Se Eu Te Pego  (remix) – Michel Telo Ft. Pitbull

These aren’t the ONLY songs, just some with a great beat, or an awesome lyrical string, or even just to help me get out of a bad mood because they’re just so “GET UP & MOVE” inspiring…

Hope you enjoy em!

xo – Mia

Product Review :: MadGrips Gloves

Normally I do a “someting new” post on Friday’s, but my NEW something was some new gear! Some MADGRIPS GLOVES.

Fun Back Story ::: A friend and I were in WINNERS’ and he mentioned that he used these “awesome lifting gloves that he found in the men’s section” & said, if they have women’s sizes (*typically smaller palm width & finger length) I should test them out.

Now, being who I am, once he gave me the name, I Googled the item FIRST, before I looked for the item to purchase. (*FYI: they were cheaper, or same price, on average at the Winners’ stores, compared to what I found online)  What was interesting in the online search was that the gloves in question are not, as he assumed (based on their location in the store), “lifting gloves”. They are actually GARDENING GLOVES, or Work Gloves.

Either way, if they were working for him, I thought I’d give ’em a whirl!

MadGrip Pro Palm Knuckler Work Gloves

Aside from the fact that they weren’t made with GYM WORK, in mind, they really are GREAT for lifting and Bar Workouts (*park workouts using jungle gym / monkey bars). Since they were designed with manual labour & lifting (*tools + dirt & boulders are HEAVY!) they are solid (unintentional) workout gear.

From the product page >>

  • Maximum grip requires less force, hence less exertion from your hands
  • Ensures a firm hold on hand tools, power tools, stick tools << E.N: OR WEIGHTS!
  • Vibration dampening palm << E.N: Really helps with Deadlifts!
  • The ultimate in dry grip technology

Add to that, the fact that the entire glove length is rubberize and the sleeve cover is elasticised to allow for well-fitting & snug support. Sidenote: They come in a BUNCH of colors, it just so happened that the one’s in my size were grey & pink.

Mine were a size too big (*EN: they had no XS, I have skinny fingers!) so the palms were rolling a bit which lead to some blistering, but I am pretty used to that as I typically lift without any gloves (*just straps occasionally).

The rubberized & cushioned palms allowed for great bar/barbell/dubbell grip contact & nearly removed the need for straps/grip assistance, as the Grips’ grip gripped the metal (*now THAT is a mouthful!) and helped me keep hold.

I used them for deadlifts, shrugs, pull-ups, hanging abs and DB row, and found they really were a great tool to add to the armoury!  I will stick to straps for deads and shrugs, because I can lift more.

When the forearms start failing, you need those weights tied to you, but they’re a nice alternative to bare palms for dumbbell or lighter barbell work, and the body weight pull-ups & hanging abs’ work.

They will run you around $9 – 12, depending on where you get them, which model and the size.

I’m def bringing those puppies to the park for the next bar workout!

Happy training!

xo – Mia