Football Friday

Sam Gordon is a BAWSE!!

The 8y.o FEMALE #babyenforcer Runs, blocks, lays the smack down on her all boys football squad!


What an mini-inspiration!! Little Girl, with a BIG future!!

Xo – Mia

Workout Wednesday… on Thursday… Part 2

Okie doke… here are the videos of a few of the exercises I did yesterday!

I did Core and Cardio in the a.m after my first set of clients & floor shift. And as the BIG BOY, it was my Leg-sculpting day – so the first two vids are leg building, shaping moves!

The workout started Nice and simple 4 sets of 25rep Leg press (hip sled), superset with 15 reps, per leg, of shot gun squats.

Lateral Lunge to Curtsey Lunge SUPERSET with Squat Jump Kickouts

Here are a couple stills from the videos…

Lateral (side) Lunge

into a

Curtsey (cross over) Lunge

We Superset the Lateral Lunge to Curtsey Lunge (15reps, of each, per leg) with 20 squat jump kickouts, for 4 sets.

Barbell Weighted Hip Raise (Hip Thrust)

Weighted Hip Thrust

We Superset the Hip thrusts (15reps) with Reverse Hyperflexions

20 with Adduction (*heels snap together) & and 20 with Abduction (*heels kick apart)

for 4 sets.

EN: I’m special needs at times, and aside from what I had posted on Instagram, I deleted the original two pics from my iPhone… Sigh… Yesterday was mentally challenging…

When I took my car in to the shop, my training partner / army buddy came to “rescue” me. In return for him picking me up, I had to go do shoulders with him, as “pay back”.  I’m OKAY with THAT!!

Here is one of the moves we finished with.

Animal Pulls 

Anterior Cable raise in Plank Position

This move (12 per arm), was Superset with 45lb Plate shrugs (25reps), for 4 sets.

Enjoy the Vids! And try them if you like – let me know how they go!
xo – Mia

The Hills are ALIVE!

Winter is Heading this way with a vengeance!  As the remaining days of the “nice weather” are fading, my Army buddy & I are trying to take it OUTSIDE, while we still can. While I love weights, there’s something GREAT about an outdoor workout. The air, the sky, the people giving you strange looks because you’re TRYING to work hard… and I love a great Hill-full workout, especially if you can mix up the sprints with some additional moves/drills.

We went our usual spot, but decided to do a few new things, since the rain limited our use of the grassy steeps. (*yes, STEEPS, not STEPS).

Frist Rotation: Sprint up the Paved path, shuffle down stairs, touch landing & Sprint up the stairs, jog down the path (*we avoid sprints down hill, because it’s EXTREMELY high impant on the knees/tendons across the joint). < Thats the “movement” interval. The exercises mixed in were 50 Med Ball crunches // 25 stretch cord butterfly lat pulls + 25 stretch cord tricep overhead pulls. — 4 x for the movement, alternation of each exercise (2 & 2)

Oblique pulls, med ball crunch, Tricep overhead pull, medball chest throw, buttefly lat pull

Second Rotation: Movement interval was Sprint 60yd across the field, 2 foot hops up the stairs (about 50steps), shuffle down the path. The exercises were 50 (14lb) medball chest throws + 25/25 oblique stretch cord pulls — 4 x for the movement, alternation of each exercise (2 & 2)

Third Rotation: Movement interval was Broad Jump Burpees up the path, shuffle down the path. (*its about 30 burpees up). The exercises were 25 8lb medball pushUps + 25 stretch cord front delt raises. — 4 x for the movement, alternation of each exercise (2 & 2)

We worked HARD, but it’s always a good time when you’re getting crazy looks and then mad props. Plus it’s nice to do it in the open air with doggy-friends around you! (*Just pre-scan your running area for poop!)

xo – Mia

Workout Wednesday :: Say it witcho CHEST!!!

Hey BodyMorphers,

Just a quick Chest Workout “playlist”, since people asked me about it after last weds’ video post.

I don’t have a “standard workout” for chest, per se (*for anything, actually) but I have some go-to’s that I do, because they WORK.

As a preface: unless I’m in a heavy cycle, or doing a specifically Strength-Based workout, I tend to swap a flat Barbell bench press for either Dumbbell Bench press, or Incline BB press (& I typically accompany those with either decline pushups, or a plyometric pushup option).

My chest workout, for this 3-week portion of this leaning cycle, is as follows.

  • 4x (15rep/95,105,115,135#) Flat BB bench press + (20) pop&hop plyo push-ups (plate)
  • 4x (12rep/20,25,30,35#) Cable decline flyes + (16) butterfly-diamond plyo push-ups (plate)*
  • 3x (15rep/15,20,25#) Incline DB press + (20) Over & Back stagger push-ups (25# DB)
  • 3x (15rep/85,95,105#) squat hold** Pec Deck + (25) Military push-Ups

*FYI – Progression: Try it first “stepping” in from butterfly to diamond hand positions, and then try the plyo version but without the plates (use tape on the floor) until you can confidently leave the ground.

**For the “squat hold” just put the seat to the lowest possible and don’t use it. Hold a “wall squat” against the chest/back pad.

I usually follow chest with either Triceps or Delts, depending on Time available & where in my cycle I am.

If you try it out, let me know what you think!

xo – Mia
Note to Self: One day, I must figure out that elusive little bugger called “editting”