Something New :: H2Oaudio

Hey All,

I recently had the opportunity to test out the H2O Audio Surge 2G Waterproof Headphones + Amphimbix Fit Waterproof Armband.

I was contemplating the device for use in triathlon training. As a swimmer I am 100,000,000% GREAT with silence while milling out mileage in the pool… Running, and Cycling, though I enjoy them…. not so easy. Yes, it’s SAFER on the road to be without BUT it’s still EASIER (mentally) to stay moving with a little “pace-setting”. (*Indoors, it’s a NECESSITY, bike and run).

Guys…. GUYS!!! Can I just say, I was TERRIFIED (at first). As in, LEGITIMATELY nervous that I would be the 1/100 that was handed the dud product, and would have my iPhone flooded with pool water. I eventually manned up, and after doing the seal/lock security test (*submerging the product, without device, for 30mins to check for leaks) I was confident I was ok to try it for real.

EN – I filled it with cotton balls just to be DOUBLY sure, there were absolutely no leaks!

I must say the headphones’ sound quality was EXCELLENT! That and the fact that with the proper sized silicon buds, they fit perfectly into my ears and, with my cap on, stayed neatly the entire 35minute swim! Not only that, I could still use my screen to change songs/volume, while in the water.  Mind you, I could only see the screen while stopped at the wall, as I had to shift the armband in order to face it forwards, to unlock the phone screen.

The face-me camera function was also clearly functional, however, the screen sensitivity doesn’t allow for underwater pictures (*at least not with jets/water movement present) but if you’re using the device as an AUDIO MEDIA PLAYER as the name suggests, during an actual workout / cardio session, then it really shouldn’t be an issue where functionality is concerned, since you shouldn’t have time to snap pics DURING, anyway…

EN – FYI: people don’t like you to have/use your phone camera near pools, changerooms, hottubs; No matter how you (try to) explain it’s for your blog; you’re not taking pictures of them; unable to take an outward facing picture; it’s really for an audio media device but you don’t own an iPod so are forced to use your phone and they can see the picture if they want and nobody wants a picture of them naked or in any state of undress ANYWAY because they’re old, wrinkly, flabby and grizzly-bear furry… but I digress…

Anywho, the point is IT WORKS, and my phone is STILL DRY and 100% operational, although currently at 25% battery-life… sorry, digression again… and it’s wonderful for swim-to-land transition.  To have a device, like the H2O Audio products, which allow me to take my music with me through all THREE modules, is superb!

TWO caveats >
FIRST: if you’re a stroke technician (*like, myself) the armband will frustrate you (somewhat) as it shifts, and causes drag in the water. Flip turns, it’s AWK! The armband lifts, so I got paranoid that I was getting water into it,  butterfly… same thing. *sigh* Paranoia is no bueno. It is, however, IDEALLY suited for openwater swimming freestyle (“front crawl”) or if using some version of an Endless Pool (*not to be confused with “infinity pool“) as you would be, if training for distance/triathlon, or doing longer cardio.

SECOND: for land use, it’s heavier than your typical arm band because of the air/water lock mechanism (*needed, but weighty)

Overall, if you’re interested in swimming as cardio, or you need to swim for training, but find it hard to do it for longer than it takes your mind to wander I would DEFINTELY recommend it!

xo – Mia

Product Review :: MadGrips Gloves

Normally I do a “someting new” post on Friday’s, but my NEW something was some new gear! Some MADGRIPS GLOVES.

Fun Back Story ::: A friend and I were in WINNERS’ and he mentioned that he used these “awesome lifting gloves that he found in the men’s section” & said, if they have women’s sizes (*typically smaller palm width & finger length) I should test them out.

Now, being who I am, once he gave me the name, I Googled the item FIRST, before I looked for the item to purchase. (*FYI: they were cheaper, or same price, on average at the Winners’ stores, compared to what I found online)  What was interesting in the online search was that the gloves in question are not, as he assumed (based on their location in the store), “lifting gloves”. They are actually GARDENING GLOVES, or Work Gloves.

Either way, if they were working for him, I thought I’d give ’em a whirl!

MadGrip Pro Palm Knuckler Work Gloves

Aside from the fact that they weren’t made with GYM WORK, in mind, they really are GREAT for lifting and Bar Workouts (*park workouts using jungle gym / monkey bars). Since they were designed with manual labour & lifting (*tools + dirt & boulders are HEAVY!) they are solid (unintentional) workout gear.

From the product page >>

  • Maximum grip requires less force, hence less exertion from your hands
  • Ensures a firm hold on hand tools, power tools, stick tools << E.N: OR WEIGHTS!
  • Vibration dampening palm << E.N: Really helps with Deadlifts!
  • The ultimate in dry grip technology

Add to that, the fact that the entire glove length is rubberize and the sleeve cover is elasticised to allow for well-fitting & snug support. Sidenote: They come in a BUNCH of colors, it just so happened that the one’s in my size were grey & pink.

Mine were a size too big (*EN: they had no XS, I have skinny fingers!) so the palms were rolling a bit which lead to some blistering, but I am pretty used to that as I typically lift without any gloves (*just straps occasionally).

The rubberized & cushioned palms allowed for great bar/barbell/dubbell grip contact & nearly removed the need for straps/grip assistance, as the Grips’ grip gripped the metal (*now THAT is a mouthful!) and helped me keep hold.

I used them for deadlifts, shrugs, pull-ups, hanging abs and DB row, and found they really were a great tool to add to the armoury!  I will stick to straps for deads and shrugs, because I can lift more.

When the forearms start failing, you need those weights tied to you, but they’re a nice alternative to bare palms for dumbbell or lighter barbell work, and the body weight pull-ups & hanging abs’ work.

They will run you around $9 – 12, depending on where you get them, which model and the size.

I’m def bringing those puppies to the park for the next bar workout!

Happy training!

xo – Mia