Football Friday

Sam Gordon is a BAWSE!!

The 8y.o FEMALE #babyenforcer Runs, blocks, lays the smack down on her all boys football squad!


What an mini-inspiration!! Little Girl, with a BIG future!!

Xo – Mia

NFL – Grid Iron Circuit – Sunday Sweat


Of course you are! And if you didn’t get up early enough to go to get in your morning routine AND workout, here’s a little circuit that will keep the snack monsters from doing their touchdown dance on your waistline!

Sunday Football Circuit

In-Game >

  • Time Outs = 10 air squats
  • Flag = jumping jacks (*30sec, 1min, etc) until “reason” for flag is given
  • Coaches Challenge = 10 pushUps
  • Touchdown = 6 burpees & Kick is good +1 burpee; 2pt Conversion +2 burpees
  • 2min drill (end of half & end of game) = 1 min plank

Commercials >

  • Money (bank, insurance, lotto) = butt kick jogs (duration of commercial)
  • Food  = 15 dips
  • Auto = 30 lunges (alternate legs)
  • Kids/Pets = 40 scissor legs
  • Elderly = high knee jog on the spot (duration of commercial)
  • Sports = 30 crunches
  • TV/Movies = calf raises


xo – Mia

ABStober Day7 – Gridiron Edition!

Hey all!!

It’s a Sunday in FALL – aka: it’s time for FOOTBALL!!

I have a GREAT Gridiron Abs circuit you can do through 1,2 or all 3 games!

Day 7

  • First Down = 10 sit-ups
  • Flag = Toe reaches (*heels to ceiling) until call is made (*30sec, 1min, etc until “reason” for flag is given)
  • Fumble = 30sec Mountain Climbers
  • Kickoff Return = 1 crunch per yard (*25yard return = 25crunches, e.g.)
  • Coaches Challenge = 50 Scissor legs
  • Touchdown = 6 burpees; Kick is good +1 burpee
  • 2pt Conversion = 25 seated twists (*2 side = 1rep)
  • INT = 10 jackknifes
  • 2min drill (end of half & end of game) = 1 min plank

For those of you who Don’t Watch Football (*gasp, shudder, horror*) YOU (blasphemers) can do the Saturday TV circuit (Day 6) again, instead.


xo – Mia

For the Fellas!

And those SPECIAL Ladies … Are YOU ready for some FOOTBALL?!?!

I promised I would have a SPECIAL post for my male readers, geared towards this 2012-2013 NFL season!

As pre-season is in FULL SWING, I thought, it would be an IDEAL time to post the workout GO-TO’s (tools & trick moves) of some of your fave players in the L!

QB – Drew Brees – Saints – Drew’s GO-TO tool & trick for his strength in launching those TD making bombs? TRX suspension training. Created by the Navy SEALs, for Do-Anywhere intense training, the combination of bodyweight, core focused workouts possible with the TRX system is ideal for creating functional strength, flexibility, core stability, power and balance. With Strength Coach @ToddDurkin guiding him, and with TRX as his weapon of choice, he’s all ready for the season!

RB – Adrian Peterson – Vikings – No secrets here. AP does it the “old fashioned way”  a LOT of heart, dedication, and HARD WORK. Peterson says, “I try to create a different environment… it’s how I’ve always worked, and I’ve always had my mind set to be the best. And I know what it takes: hard work.” Peterson is known to do squats the day after a game. Getting into some iron, and making reps count.

WR – Larry Fitzgerald – Cardinals – The secret to coming back every season better than the last? LETTING GO OF THE LAST SEASON! For Fitz, it’s about releasing what’s passed & in the past, and refocusing on what is coming, by immersing himself in his surroundings, by himself. Whether that be touring Africa, or visiting the troops in the Middle East, or by working on his College diploma. By taking a break from his “job” he comes back with renewed passion and excitement for the training camp, pre- and in-season, ready to WORK. (*And boy, does he WORK)

TE – Rob Gronkowski – Patriots – Gronk started in the League going into the 2009 Draft coming off of a back injury (*spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spine that puts pressure on nerves). His rehab was pretty high-tech as his recovery is attributed not only to his freak genetics and an specialised weight lifting program but to the use of an anti-gravity treadmill. The machine functions by controlling air pressure in a chamber to gently lift the user, reducing the amount of gravitational pressure on the joints/spine. He & team mate Wes Welker do most off-season training at the Bommarito institute in Miami.

LB – Clay Matthews – Packers – Matthews is WARRIOR! A beast, literally! In order to get gameday battle ready, he goes through a similar gauntlet of the physical and mental stress endured by an MMA fighter, minus the sparring. Muay Thai for flexibility through the hips & strength in the core. Wrestling for the body use and defensive hands similar to that which he needs in games. Minimal lifting, to keep the body strong, but fresh, working on muscular endurance, over bulk.

Safety – Troy Polamalu – Steelers– Due to his recent bouts of injury, Troy was forced to change his approach to off-field training. Year round his workouts uniquely focus on isokinetic training (force of the muscle is produced at a specific velocity). The benefit of isokenetic training is that the body develops strength evenly all through the entire range of movement. This is one of the fastest ways to increase muscle strength.  Instead of free weights he uses things like medicine balls, wobble boards, kettlebells; creating quicker and more explosive muscle contractions, for speed, intensity and power in lieu of size.

Tackle – Jake Long – Dolphins – In order to prep for the bench testing in the Combine during draft days, Jake’s off-season S&C coach David Puloka, had him Performing push-ups on a Power Plate, as a means of stimulating the nervous system in preparation for the upcoming sets of bench presses. The midpoint and top positions of a push-up are each held for 10 seconds, high and low plank, to stimulate muscle overload.

D. End – Julius Peppers – Bears – Unlike MOST defensive NFL players, he SKIPS the weight lifting all together! Instead he participates in exercises that imitate game-like movements. Concentrating on core workouts, quick steps on stairs, sled drives; working on aerobic training to get his muscles accustomed to the quick bursts and twitches required in his position.

I wanted there to be NO BIAS in my selection (*GO STEELERS GO*) so I chose the players who posted top fan-votes according to for some clutch positions, versus MY personal, faves.


Endnote :: I am UNAPOLOGETIC about it > No Niners, No Ravens, No Buccs, No TEBOW – EVER! (*it’s OK if you’re mad!)