April WINGS!

Hey yall!

How did March’s leg challenge go? 90-60-30 were you able to improve your counts?

This month is April – you know, Aries birthdays, spring showers and the start of maxi-dress & umbrella season! (*we hope… North American East coast posse, y’all hear my PLEA!!)

The challenge for the month is all about the WINGS – that’s ARMS – and, like last month’s challenge, it is very simple, in theory, but is all about challenging yourself.

1. Push-Ups > See how many you can do in a 1-up/1-down cadence, in 60seonds & record.

2. 15-60 seconds wide-arm plank > Those of you with a strong core & upper body can do it on out stretched arms; those who are at a more beginner level, do it on your forearms.

3. Dips > See how many you can do in a 1-up/1-down cadence, in 60seconds & record.

4. 15-60 seconds inverted plank hold (*chest up) > again, depending on your upper body strength, you can do it on your hands (arms, extended) or on your forearms

5. 30 seconds reverse arm mini-circles; 30 seconds forward mini-circles

6. 15-60 seconds pike-plank hold > Those of you with a strong upper body can do it with elevated legs; those who are at a more beginner level, do it with your feet on the ground.

The challenge, since I called it one, is to
A) complete the mini-circuit (*with as little rest as possible between moves);
B) improve your push-up and dip counts (*in the minute time);
and lastly
C) challenge yourself to increase the time of your plank (*from closer to 15 seconds, to the full minute)

Enjoy it guys! And keep me posted on the progress!!

xo – Mia

Workout Wednesday :: Say it witcho CHEST!!!

Hey BodyMorphers,

Just a quick Chest Workout “playlist”, since people asked me about it after last weds’ video post.

I don’t have a “standard workout” for chest, per se (*for anything, actually) but I have some go-to’s that I do, because they WORK.

As a preface: unless I’m in a heavy cycle, or doing a specifically Strength-Based workout, I tend to swap a flat Barbell bench press for either Dumbbell Bench press, or Incline BB press (& I typically accompany those with either decline pushups, or a plyometric pushup option).

My chest workout, for this 3-week portion of this leaning cycle, is as follows.

  • 4x (15rep/95,105,115,135#) Flat BB bench press + (20) pop&hop plyo push-ups (plate)
  • 4x (12rep/20,25,30,35#) Cable decline flyes + (16) butterfly-diamond plyo push-ups (plate)*
  • 3x (15rep/15,20,25#) Incline DB press + (20) Over & Back stagger push-ups (25# DB)
  • 3x (15rep/85,95,105#) squat hold** Pec Deck + (25) Military push-Ups

*FYI – Progression: Try it first “stepping” in from butterfly to diamond hand positions, and then try the plyo version but without the plates (use tape on the floor) until you can confidently leave the ground.

**For the “squat hold” just put the seat to the lowest possible and don’t use it. Hold a “wall squat” against the chest/back pad.

I usually follow chest with either Triceps or Delts, depending on Time available & where in my cycle I am.

If you try it out, let me know what you think!

xo – Mia
Note to Self: One day, I must figure out that elusive little bugger called “editting”