About Mia

Mia Nikolajev has been an athlete for over two decades, and a personal trainer/coach for nearly ten years.

Aside from holding BSc in Kines and Psych-Sociology, Mia implements the knowledge gained through many years involved in Competitive Athletics (including Swimming, Tennis and Hockey – Nationally; Basketball, Soccer and Football – Provincially; Half Marathons, Triathlons & Extreme Racing – Internationally), her vast knowledge of sports and their required skill elements help her in her daily work as a Strength & Conditioning Trainer/Coach, and fitness and nutritional advisor.

She is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and NCCP Level 1 Swimming Coach (Technique/Speed) as well as Madd Dogg Spinning, NLS Aquafit instructor and CSEP Fitness and Lifestyle Assessment Advisor.

Mia’s areas of Training/Coaching/Teaching Experience and Interest include >>

Personal training
– in-home & outdoor (private clients)
– weight loss and strength improvement

Bootcamp / Group Fitness Classes

Spinning / Indoor cycling
— fitness classes; Triathlon prep

Strength and conditioning
– sport specific; post-physio rehabilitation

Mobility and flexibility
– elderly clients & rehabilitation programs

– learn to swim; coaching (stroke correction & speed/power); Triathlon prep

— in-water group fitness; aquatic rehab programs


Plyometrics / HIIT circuit training
– extreme event prep (e.g Spartan/Tough Mudder races)

Self-defense & basic fight mechanics
– Kickboxing conditioning & Kickbox Cardio

Nutritional advising and meal plan design
– Lifestyle and fitness assessment & advice

Program design for online clients + weekly check-ins
– Skype workouts; Video demos


For more info regarding training, consultation, health, wellness and pricing please email me at BODYMORPHOLOGY@GMAIL.COM

and feel free to follow me on Twitter @therealmiamazin
also check out www.2tbfitness.com (*I blog there, too!)

2 thoughts on “About Mia

  1. I came across your IG account via my cousin Marcedes. What are your training rates in person or via email and where are you located?

    Kind Regards,


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