Social Saturdays…

Soo… in a fit of idleness & I suppose, idolatry (*to the “social gods”) …

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Bear with me… I’m re-n0ob status with Social Tech… so it may be a little gritty for the first few weeks until it becomes part of my daily habits again.

xo – Mia

Lady Issues

Here’s a quick one for the GIRLS…

Guys, take a 5-er, I’ll have a Blitz post (*pun, intended) about the start of NFL 2012-13 season SOON!

LADIES! Do you suffer from PMS? Sluggishness, Soreness, Irritated skin, Mood swings, Memory Difficulty?

To help combat PMS, think of the 3 Bs. Or more specifically, the FIRST 3 B-vitamins :: Thiamine (B1) , Riboflavin (B2) & Niacin (B3).

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst, found that women who consumed around 2mg of Thiamine & Riboflavin, were roughly 30% less likely to suffer symptoms of PMS. Thiamine deficiency typically results in  (*less severe) symptoms including malaise, irritability and confusion. By having adequate Riboflavin intake, you aid the body in breaking down foods (fats, carbs, proteins, ketone bodies) & preventing bloat. Niacin is a required compound in energy exchange in the Oxydative system & helps combat that feeling of fatigue often associated with your menstrual cycle.

Quick source for all 3 Bs, another B : BEANS. Eating a cup of beans regularly not only provides a clean source of protein and fiber, but is also a great source of these essential B vitamins.

Bon Apetit!

xo – Mia