Checking IN – Legs challenge

Ladies & Gents,

How goes the 90-60-30 legs challenge?

Are you beating your past days’ numbers? I know on my leg lift days, I was NOT! *cramping* But I have steadily been holding around 85-95 air squats, 26-28 1,2Lunges, and about 20-25 tuck jumps (*the land & spring, power building!!)

Don’t give up and don’t think you only have to do it ONCE! If you’re less concerned about how many, and focus on the WHY you can do this loop 3-5x and get a KILLER leg pump HIIT style! taking a minute rest between cycles.

Keep it up!

Checking IN!

Hey yall!!

Are you excited!? We’ve passed the halfway hump of our LAST WEEK of the 6-week sit-up challenge, how is progress? Do you feel stronger? Are you seeing some changes?

Remember what I said – ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN – if you eat garbage, you won’t see any progress in muscle definition made as readily as if you cleaned up your eating habits.

That being said, if you’ve made it this far you’ve accomplished a LOT!
KEEP IT UP! We’re almost at the finish line – you can DO IT!

xo – Mia

ps: Are you participating in the 90,60,30 Legs Sculpting challenge?
Have you improved your scores? Don’t forget to record your numbers!



This challenge is SUPER SIMPLE – in theory!! It’s about YOU vs. YOU, Yesterday.

Set your base-lines TODAY (*yes it should have been Friday, but the post didn’t load, we’re moving FORWARD!)

  1. Put 90sec on the clock.
  2. Count how many Air Squats (*just body weight) you can do, in 90sec – Knees must bend to 90 degrees (*if you’re able) – and Record.squats
  3. Reset the Clock to 60sec.
  4. Count how many Lunges (*left leg & right leg = 1 rep) you can do, in 60sec – Front knee must bend to 90 degrees (*back knee does NOT have to touch the ground) – and Record.


5. Reset the clock to 30sec
6. Count how many Tuck Jumps (*or for those with knee issues, Jumping Jacks) you can do, in 30sec – and Record.

tuck jump1

jumping jack

Thats 3 MINUTES of your time. No Big Deal, right? EVERYDAY, your objective is to beat your counts by ONE (*or more).

Are you GAME? LET’S GO!!