Reindeer Games…

I was a wee bit ahead with my 12-days countdown, so here is the Christmas Eve “fun” for ya! A little Holiday Challenge that I’ve Festively dubbed “Reindeer Games”

It’s simple and it’s FUN – for the entire family, people of all ages! (*I SWEAR)

Basic premise ::

If your family is anything like mine, there is Christmas music playing throughout the day – at least on and off, if not consistently. The jist of the challenge is this: when you hear a “key word” you do the activity that is associated with the word!

*Since it’s the holidays, I won’t judge if you don’t do it ALL day, nor if you aren’t comfortable doing it outside of the house – because, let’s face it, WHO will really know, if you did it or not? (*ONLY SANTA… exactly!!)

Ok? Get it? Challenge Accepted? GOOD!

When you hear:                  YOU DO:

SANTA/Claus                     20 Air squats
REINDEER/Rudolph          10 burpees
CHRISTMAS/Chanukah     5 air squats, 4 lunges, 3 tuck jumpes, 2 pushUps, 1 burpee
PRESENTS/Gifts/GIVING  20 Mountain clumbers
FESTIVE/Holiday               15 in & outs (*plank position 2-foot hops)
MENORAH/Lights              25 candle stick jumps
STAR                                  15 Star/Diamond Jumps
DECORATION/Ornament   20 lunges
TREE/Wreath                      15 squat jacks
JOY/Family/LOVE               5 burpees – 5 pushUps – 5 tuck jumps
SNOW/White/ FROSTY      25 jumping jacks



New Postings for the NEW YEAR!!
(*Can you believe it’s already “NEW YEAR” next week?!?! Eeeep!!)

xo – Mia