Something New :: NEW INK!

This post is a WEE BIT different…

It’s in no way FITNESS related but I’m just SUPER excited about it, and it’s indirectly Health & WELLNESS related, which I believe are HOLISTIC. Meaning you need to care for the WHOLE: Physical, Mental, Spiritual. – Happiness & Self-esteem, play HUGE roles to your HEALTH, overall.

I have been focusing a LOT on ME. Not in the selfish way but more in terms of growth and self management. I’ve been taking time to meditate – I wish I was doing it as part of MORE yoga, but I am still “failing” in that challenge…

Anywho, I wanted a piece to represent that transition and where my head is at, where ME is concerned. I wanted something MAJOR. And, I wanted something that expressed the focus behind my mindfulness and my meditations.  So, I decided on a peacock feather, which encompasses my red (fave color) Star tattoo, the body in my birthstone colour, with the filling in my “epower color” (purple)

IMG_1748         IMG_1749


After the first 48hrs “off”, I NEEDED to sweat, so I got my workouts in, but I kept it to bodyweight circuits, speed rope & core work, although I was still trying to avoid resting weight on my forearm… had a couple reminders of the new project while training my clients, that its still open flesh!! OUCH! This week back to lifting, but still VERY cautious with how I pick up the weights and rest them. Especially since while moving some equipment around at work, I pulled a chunk of a scab off…
*ASHDHDSGFKBVJDRGHEGUNBFGVDR* (<<< Just fill in blanks with ALL curse-words you know!)

Nearly two weeks later, NEARLY fully healed – and my touch up appointment is made for early Jan, for some Color adjustments… Man, I’m so happy!!

And who knows, maybe I will even shock MYSELF and use it as the initial piece within a half sleeve! (*EEEEK)

xo – Mia