Something New :: NEW INK!

This post is a WEE BIT different…

It’s in no way FITNESS related but I’m just SUPER excited about it, and it’s indirectly Health & WELLNESS related, which I believe are HOLISTIC. Meaning you need to care for the WHOLE: Physical, Mental, Spiritual. – Happiness & Self-esteem, play HUGE roles to your HEALTH, overall.

I have been focusing a LOT on ME. Not in the selfish way but more in terms of growth and self management. I’ve been taking time to meditate – I wish I was doing it as part of MORE yoga, but I am still “failing” in that challenge…

Anywho, I wanted a piece to represent that transition and where my head is at, where ME is concerned. I wanted something MAJOR. And, I wanted something that expressed the focus behind my mindfulness and my meditations.  So, I decided on a peacock feather, which encompasses my red (fave color) Star tattoo, the body in my birthstone colour, with the filling in my “epower color” (purple)

IMG_1748         IMG_1749


After the first 48hrs “off”, I NEEDED to sweat, so I got my workouts in, but I kept it to bodyweight circuits, speed rope & core work, although I was still trying to avoid resting weight on my forearm… had a couple reminders of the new project while training my clients, that its still open flesh!! OUCH! This week back to lifting, but still VERY cautious with how I pick up the weights and rest them. Especially since while moving some equipment around at work, I pulled a chunk of a scab off…
*ASHDHDSGFKBVJDRGHEGUNBFGVDR* (<<< Just fill in blanks with ALL curse-words you know!)

Nearly two weeks later, NEARLY fully healed – and my touch up appointment is made for early Jan, for some Color adjustments… Man, I’m so happy!!

And who knows, maybe I will even shock MYSELF and use it as the initial piece within a half sleeve! (*EEEEK)

xo – Mia

Motivation Monday :: Thanks!

It’s Thanksgiving, here in Canada, so I just wanted to share a few things I was reflecting on this weekend, during the festivities and Turkey overload.

1. Everything you do RIGHT NOW, is what is important. Not what you’ve done, where you’ve been or where you wish you could be. CREATE your future by fulfilling your PRESENT POTENTIAL.

2. No matter WHAT your family model make-up is, cherish those who, despite arguments and misgivings, and misunderstandings, are continuously in your corner when it counts. Family including blood and “acquired” extensions. (*Love my ACES-sisters)

3. THIS TOO SHALL PASS. It may be good, it may be bad, but choose to react with as much positivity as possibly & gather as much information and learn what you can in order to apply it to any future situations. Everything in this life is only temporary – except tattoos and taxes, those are forever!

4. Money can NOT buy you happiness, and money isn’t everything, but as long as you still have bills and needs, making money is IMPORTANT. So are sanity, joy and self-respect. I am happy and blessed enough that I am afforded the option and ability to put those three things above my “love” of money. I understand it’s economic importance, but my self-worth and life satisfaction are not ruled by current financial demographic.
(*side note: broke, but sound & happy is STILL blessed)

5. Don’t count your blessings. List them and watch their abundance. When was the last time you said THANK YOU to the Universe/God/Buddha/Gaia for your BLESSINGS? For those things that you didn’t BUY, but you were GIVEN. Gratitude is the Attitude! Trust me! The more you really stop to appreciate and be thankful for all you HAVE, what you don’t (yet) have, feels almost inconsequential. Your existance is a miracle. If you had nothing but a fully capable body, air in your lungs, and a desire to LIVE, you would already be more blessed than half the world’s population. Marinate on THAT!

6. Appreciate your Journey, while you’re here. I was given an insight into a few friends’ drive to succeed. The ones who made progress “easily” were the ones intrinsically motivated and thankfuly/happy with WHO they were and where they were, but wanted more and were taking each step to achieve it, while STILL GIVING THANKS FOR THE LESSONS AND PRESENT. Those who had a harder go, were the ones who only saw the END, but weren’t taking time to appreciate the journey and what they were achieving/gaining along the way.

A little deeper than my usual post, but “tis the season” …

TRY THIS >>> IF the world were to end RIGHT NOW, and everything, EXCEPT what you gave Thanks for YESTERDAY, was removed from your existance, what would you be left with?

I’m so blessed that I may say I would “still have” my health – all SIX senses; my family – ALL of it, extended included; my opportunity to GROW in my new jobS & athletically; and the support of my true friends (and my boyfriend). Now my TV, iPhone and car may be gone (*don’t get me wrong I’m glad to have access to those things) but truly, I would (eventually) be perfectly fine without them.

My fellow Canucks, enjoy this fine Monday off – I have a couple clients to train, but I slept PAST 8am, it was BEAUTIFUL! For the rest, Have a blessed Monday to start the week.

xo – Mia