April WINGS!

Hey yall!

How did March’s leg challenge go? 90-60-30 were you able to improve your counts?

This month is April – you know, Aries birthdays, spring showers and the start of maxi-dress & umbrella season! (*we hope… North American East coast posse, y’all hear my PLEA!!)

The challenge for the month is all about the WINGS – that’s ARMS – and, like last month’s challenge, it is very simple, in theory, but is all about challenging yourself.

1. Push-Ups > See how many you can do in a 1-up/1-down cadence, in 60seonds & record.

2. 15-60 seconds wide-arm plank > Those of you with a strong core & upper body can do it on out stretched arms; those who are at a more beginner level, do it on your forearms.

3. Dips > See how many you can do in a 1-up/1-down cadence, in 60seconds & record.

4. 15-60 seconds inverted plank hold (*chest up) > again, depending on your upper body strength, you can do it on your hands (arms, extended) or on your forearms

5. 30 seconds reverse arm mini-circles; 30 seconds forward mini-circles

6. 15-60 seconds pike-plank hold > Those of you with a strong upper body can do it with elevated legs; those who are at a more beginner level, do it with your feet on the ground.

The challenge, since I called it one, is to
A) complete the mini-circuit (*with as little rest as possible between moves);
B) improve your push-up and dip counts (*in the minute time);
and lastly
C) challenge yourself to increase the time of your plank (*from closer to 15 seconds, to the full minute)

Enjoy it guys! And keep me posted on the progress!!

xo – Mia

Workout Wednesday! Move YOUR Weight!

Want to know the SECRET to making your workout programs WORK?


Although underrated, it is VERY possible to get positive changes by doing bodyweight exercises.

In fact, it’s the kind of program with which one can get incredible fat burning and muscle toning results.

Here are a few reasons why Bodyweight Workouts can be GREAT.

    • They allow you to train under any circumstances, you don’t need any kind of gym equipment and you don’t need to head to the gym.
    • No matter where you are, once there is SOME space, you can always rely on using your body to build strength and muscle.
    • Bodyweight exercises are very good at burning fat. Since you don’t have the added resistance, the exercises are typically performed at a higher intensity.
    • The higher the intensity, the more calories that will be burned throughout the workout, which in turn leads to more fat burned.
    • Those who typically rely on weights in their workouts may not be used to using their body as resistance.
    • For this reason, they will be challenged by these exercises, resulting not only in an additional increase in intensity output, but in strength gain as well, and possibly an increase in muscle mass.
    • They are great to add at the END of a workout week, when you’ve already hit all the major muscle groups and want a good full-body pump.
    • You can use them to transition through a plateau, or to break up high-volume periods in a program, versus a true “rest week”.
    • Many athletes use this in their pre-season to in-season transition. They are also great for warm-up & warm-down sets during a workout.
    • Using only the body is helpful in building and improving Functional strength.
    • Which in turn, can lead to enhanced performance across daily life movements, as well as sport-specific skills.
    • While standard exercises can help you build strength, they do not build strength that you can utilize as well.

Some of my FAVORITE go-to’s  ::

Warm-Up with

  • Skipping Rope (*without the rope)
  • Butt Kicks & High Knee Jog
  • Jumping Jacks

For the Upper Body

  • Push-Ups – Lots of options here!
  • Dips (*Can be done on the FLOOR but you can use a chair, bathtub, or bench)
  • Pull-Ups (*if you have access to a high ledge, or bar)

For the Lower Body

  • Squats – SO MANY VARIATIONS for this one! Wide, Close, Jacks, Jump, and you can mix up the Depth/Direction
  • Lunges – Change depth, change direction, Change Speed, make them Plyometric!
  • Calf raises – for an advanced/plyo move, try Wall Taps!
  • Tail-anchored (*booty on the wall) Waist Hinges ~ aka: “good mornings”

For the Core

  • Not only do PushUps, PullUps, Squats and Skipping help tone and build muscle but they are IDEAL when you want to use the whole body to work the CORE!

For “Abs” exercises. you can stay standing & try these:

  • Slow kicks – kick up *pause* and slow drop using the abs to keep the leg up
  • Cross body toe-grabs – like the above but across the body
  • Y-hold side bends – try to bend as low as you can contracting the abs to keep the back safe

OR get on the ground.

  • Planks – standard, low, sides, add kicks, add jacks legs, raise an arm.
  • Mountain Climbers (*plank runs)
  • Seated bicycles, or leg raises
  • Laying down cross body snaps


You’ve got all the weapons you need, now FIGHT! erm.. FIT… erm… NOW GO!

xo – Mia